What makes a great cup of coffee?

It starts with the best green coffee. The Mayflower buyers are on a continuous quest for the world’s great coffees, often personally visiting the most renowned coffee growing regions in search of the perfect estates. Only the finest, high grown Arabica beans from the very top percentage in quality are considered. Each candidate, carefully screened at the “cupping” table, must exhibit a high degree of excellence in all aspects of its character, including flavor, acidity, body and aroma, before it can make it as Mayflower Coffee. Not only does it take the best green coffee beans from around the globe, but also the art and craft of an experienced Roastmaster. Mayflowers’ 90+ year legacy and intimate knowledge of the roasting process brings out the very best in every roast. Each coffee is carefully small-batch roasted to its peak roast level, highlighting the unique flavor profiles that distinguish each individual region or estate. But still, to make a great cup of coffee, you need more than just the best ingredients. Brewing coffee is the final step, and it can make or break the cup. When you brew our coffee at home, always use fresh coffee that has been ground specifically for your brewer. Use only good quality tap, bottled or filtered water. Once you get the proportions right, according to individual taste, you’ll be drinking a superb cup of Mayflower Coffee right at home.

Our roasting facility is Certified Organic and Star K Kosher.
Our coffees include Fair Trade Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified Selections.